Grant Troutt’s Net Worth Soars to New Heights: Here’s How He Did It

Grant Troutt is a successful businessman and investor whose net worth has been soaring to new heights in recent years. He has been able to achieve this impressive feat through a combination of smart investments and strategic business decisions.

Troutt’s early years were spent in Oklahoma, where he was born and raised. He attended the University of Oklahoma, where he earned a degree in business administration. After graduation, he began his career in the telecommunications industry, working for various companies before eventually starting his own company.

In the early 1990s, Troutt founded a telecommunications company called Excel Communications. The company provided long-distance phone services to consumers and businesses across the United States. Excel Communications quickly became one of the fastest-growing companies in the telecommunications industry, with revenues reaching over $1 billion within just a few years.

In 1998, Troutt sold Excel Communications to telecommunications giant Teleglobe for an astounding $3.5 billion. This sale made Troutt an overnight billionaire, with a net worth of around $1.5 billion.

After the sale of Excel Communications, Troutt turned his attention to investing. He has invested in a wide range of companies and industries, including real estate, energy, and technology. Some of his notable investments include a stake in the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and ownership of a large portion of the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

Troutt’s net worth has continued to grow over the years, thanks to his successful investments and business ventures. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 billion, making him one of the wealthiest people in the world.

So, how did Troutt achieve such impressive financial success? The answer lies in his business acumen, strategic thinking, and willingness to take risks. He has always been willing to invest in promising companies and industries, even if they were not yet proven to be successful. He has also been able to identify emerging trends and technologies, investing in them before they became mainstream.

Overall, Grant Troutt’s net worth is a testament to his business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit. He has been able to achieve incredible financial success through a combination of smart investments, strategic business decisions, and a willingness to take risks. As he continues to invest and grow his wealth, it will be interesting to see what new heights he can reach.

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