Surviving Ashtama Shani: Tips and Remedies to Ease the Challenges

Ashtama Shani is a dreaded period of seven and a half years when the planet Saturn transits through the eighth house from the natal moon. This transit can be challenging for many people, as it brings with it a lot of obstacles, delays, and difficulties. However, with the right mindset, attitude, and remedies, you can survive Ashtama Shani and emerge stronger and wiser.

Here are some tips and remedies to ease the challenges of Ashtama Shani:

1. Practice patience and perseverance: The first and foremost thing you need to do during Ashtama Shani is to practice patience and perseverance. The transit of Saturn can be slow and tedious, and you may face numerous obstacles and delays. However, if you stay focused and keep working hard, you will eventually overcome these challenges.

2. Perform Saturn remedies: To ease the impact of Ashtama Shani, you can perform Saturn remedies such as chanting the Shani mantra, donating black sesame seeds, lighting a mustard oil lamp, and wearing a blue sapphire gemstone. These remedies can help reduce the malefic effects of Saturn and bring peace and prosperity in your life.

3. Take care of your health: During Ashtama Shani, it is crucial to take care of your physical and mental health. Exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and practice yoga and meditation to stay calm and centered. This will help you cope with the stress and anxiety that come with the transit of Saturn.

4. Seek guidance from an astrologer: If you are facing significant challenges during Ashtama Shani, it is advisable to seek guidance from an experienced astrologer. They can analyze your birth chart and provide you with personalized remedies and solutions to ease the impact of Saturn.

5. Stay positive and optimistic: Finally, it is essential to stay positive and optimistic during Ashtama Shani. Remember that this transit is temporary, and it will eventually pass. Focus on the things you can control, and don’t let the challenges of Saturn bring you down. Instead, use this period to learn and grow, and emerge stronger and wiser.

In conclusion, surviving Ashtama Shani requires patience, perseverance, and a positive attitude. By practicing Saturn remedies, taking care of your health, seeking guidance from an astrologer, and staying optimistic, you can ease the impact of Saturn and emerge victorious. Remember that this transit is an opportunity for growth and transformation, so embrace it with an open heart and mind.

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