The Missing Piece: Understanding the Meaning of an Empty 7th House and How It Affects Your Spouse’s Appearance

The seventh house in astrology is commonly known as the house of partnerships and marriage. It reveals the nature of our relationships, and it is the house that governs the appearance of our partners. However, when the seventh house is empty, it can be challenging to gain a clear understanding of our spouse’s appearance and the nature of our relationship.

An empty seventh house can mean that the individual does not have any planets in this house. This can make it difficult to gain insight into the individual’s relationship patterns and how they approach relationships. It can also affect the individual’s partner’s appearance, as the seventh house governs physical appearance and attractiveness.

Individuals with an empty seventh house may have trouble finding the right partner or maintaining a long-lasting relationship. They may struggle with commitment and may have a hard time finding the right balance between their individual needs and the needs of their partner. They may also have difficulty communicating their emotions and may struggle with intimacy.

When it comes to physical appearance, individuals with an empty seventh house may struggle with their partner’s attractiveness. This is because the seventh house governs physical beauty and attractiveness. If there are no planets in this house, the individual may not have a clear idea of what they find attractive in a partner, making it difficult to find someone who meets their standards.

However, it is essential to note that an empty seventh house does not necessarily mean that an individual will not find love or that their partner will not be attractive. It is simply a factor that can make it more challenging to navigate relationships and understand the nature of our partnerships.

To better understand the impact of an empty seventh house, it is essential to look at the other houses in the individual’s chart. For example, if the individual has a strong placement in their fifth house, which governs romance and love affairs, they may have an easier time finding love and maintaining a lasting relationship.

In conclusion, the missing piece of an empty seventh house can make it challenging to understand the nature of our relationships and our partner’s appearance. However, it is important to remember that astrology is just one factor in our lives, and it does not dictate our fate. By understanding our chart as a whole, we can gain insight into our strengths and weaknesses and navigate our relationships with greater awareness and understanding.

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